The great people in the world of football

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Football is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions of fans,
with a sinking heart, are watching the passing on the field and are arguing
about which team is the best. Even those people who are not keen on
football know the names of the strongest, brightest and memorable players.
The list of players is subjective, and what seems to someone as something
incredible, another person will take it a little differently.

Nevertheless, all represented football players are outstanding athletes, and in this list, they should be in any case.


The player thanks to whom many fell in love with football, the great
Brazilian footballer. Winner of the Golden Ball 2005 and the title of the best
football player according to FIFA in 2004 and 2005.

He spent 765 matches in his career, in which he scored 297 goals. He
played for Gremio, PSG, and Barcelona,​in which he twice became the
champion of Spain and once won the Champions League. In “Milan”
became the champion of Italy. He also played for the Brazilian Flamengo
and Atletico Mineiro, the Mexican Queretaro.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is not only a great coach but also a great player. The
player, who has three titles of the best football player in the world according
to FIFA and the 1998 Gold Ball. In the same year, together with the French
team, Zidane became the world champion, in 2000 the European
champion, and in 2006 the vice-champion of the world.

In professional football, Zidane made his debut in 1989 for the French
Cannes. In 92, he moved to Bordo and in 96 already to Juventus, as part of
which he was able to get the Golden Ball. In 2001, for an incredible 75
million euros, he transfers to Real Madrid, where he became the leader and
the brightest star in the constellation Galaktikos.

Lev Yashin

The best goalkeeper of the 20th century by FIFA, the International
Federation of Football History and Statistics, World Soccer, France
Football, and Placar.
He could control the ball and choose a partner to pass at the same time.
Lev Ivanovich 11 times recognized as the best goalkeeper of the USSR
was a five-time champion of the USSR in the Dynamo.

In the national team, Yashin became the Olympic champion in 1956 and the winners of
the European Cup of the 60th year. Of the 812 matches played, 207 games
Yashin was able to fully save the gate. On average, he missed about half a
goal per game.

Diego Maradona

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t hear about this legendary footballer.
It is difficult to find people who would not know his “goal of the century”,
which he scored in the same quarter-final match of the world championship
against England in the 86th year.

Already at the age of 16, Diego made his debut in the “Argentinos Juniors”
and six months later in the national team. For “Argentinos Juniors”
Maradona scored 116 goals. Another 35 goals he scored in the
championship of Argentina, for the club “Boca Juniors”.
In the 82nd year, Maradona transfer to Barcelona for a record $ 8 million at
that time, scoring 38 goals in two years. In the summer of 84, Diego
became a Napoli player in which he scored 122 more balls.


In many versions, he is the king of football. An incredible 1228 goals in his
entire career, three world championships. The player of the century
according to FIFA, the best player of the 20th century according to the
«World Soccer». A truly phenomenal player.

Almost his entire career he spent at “Santos” played from 1956 to 1974.
During this time, he scored 1087 goals. Three more years and 64 goals he
presented to the New York Cosmos club. Finally, he is the top scorer of the
Brazilian national team with 77 goals.


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