Top 5 Strange Football Transfers

Aug 6 · 3 min read

The nearest transfer window in Europe promises to be bright, rich and
interesting since many top clubs are actively restructuring, fighting and are
forced to strengthen the composition.
In the midst of the summer fever, we decided to recall the most exotic
transitions of players from club to club and the most inventive ways to pay
for deals.

Ivor Broadys (England)

In 1946, Ivor Broadys became the youngest in the history of playing coach
“Carlisle”. When he was 23 years old, he decided to sell himself to another
club. For this transition, Carlisle, who needed money, earned £ 18,000, and
Broadys was able to prove himself perfectly in games at the highest level.
He even spent 14 matches in the England team.

Kenneth Kristensen (Norway)

Bombardier Kenneth Kristensen, constantly striking the gates of rivals in
the third Norwegian division became a member of almost the most
extravagant deal in the history of football. He was exchanged for an equal
in weight — 75 kilograms — catch of shrimp.

Tony Cascarino (Ireland)

“This is one of the stories, which over the years overgrown with new
details,” said the footballer who shone with the national teams of Ireland,
Aston Villa, Celtic, and Chelsea. Cascarino cost Gillingham a dozen
workout suits and training apparatus.

Gary Pallister (England)

Defender Gary Pallister is well known for his longstanding performances for
Manchester United. In adolescence, the club “Middlesbrough” purchased
his from a modest “Billingham Town” for a command set of uniforms, a few
balls and a net for the gate.

Ion Radu (Romania)


The cost of midfielder Ion Radu, who decided to move from “Jiul” to “Valche
”, was two tons of pork and beef. The management approached the deal
pragmatically: by selling the meat, it paid the remaining players a salary.

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