I’m only as good as my average

Everyone has good days. You’re focussed and creative and the work you produce is great. That’s the work that best reflects you; it’s the way you want to be known and remembered.

Except, this is an illusion. It has gradually dawned on me that I can’t wait until I feel perfect before I start work on a particularly beloved or difficult project. The opportunity cost is too great. I must accept that I’m not as good as my best; I’m only as good as the average of my performances.

This is not to say that I don’t pay any attention to the way I’m feeling. I still chew gum and drink coffee to improve focus. I still look for easy tasks like filing, shredding and organising when I’m feeling particularly wretched. I still call it a day when struggling with a problem that only a good night’s sleep can solve. However, I’ve stopped waiting for that perfect feeling and learned to just enjoy it when it happens. The key to getting on in life is to make your average better.