S.E.D.O. — Document workflow on blockchain. Advanced PoW/merge mining token based on Ethereum.

With all their advantages, classic electronic document workflow systems don’t provide an absolute reliability and data integrity at least because that data is able to be managed by the business manager and the group of system administrators. Sure, we usually trust them, but in terms of security (of large complexes and government structures, for example), our sole trust just isn’t enough. Moreover, one can steal an eSignature key or force a human to make changes, sign them and push them to the already published document.

But the development of informatization allowed to implement the long-cherished dream of mankind — to automate and manage processes related to interaction of humans and documents, to speed up delivery of information, collection of statistics and reports. The newborn project SEDO offers an implementation.

SEDO Project has a SEDO POW TOKEN ERC20/ERC918 token launched in Ethereum network, which uses PoW and merged mining technologies that are new to Ethereum-based tokens.

The entire roadmap may be splitted in 2 parts: before creating
the own blockchain and making a swap and after. This is done on purpose, the developer team
dislike the idea of an ICO and thus is providing an opportunity to earn some tokens by mining them or freely buying SEDOcoin off an exchange.

The open-source CUBA.platform engine will be used for building SEDO EDS.
This is a time-tested solution which is popular among developers and their customers around the globe.
It allows to rapidly create the needed applications from scratch and has a big community and great suport staff.

The final product will offer more advantages compared to the classic document workflow systems:
-Increasing information security
-Increasing the transparency of internal operations
-Decreasing expedition costs
-Saving the time wastes
-Saving the history of changes for each file and concomitant documentation.

In this week launched our own mining pool for convenience of miners,
because solo mining on GPUs or even small farms could already be hard due to the increasing difficulty.

It is also planned to bring SEDO on such exchanges like Yobit, Crex24 and some of the DEXes.


Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5061527

Discord https://discord.gg/JdRY6Jm/

Twitter https://twitter.com/sedocoin

Website http://sedocoin.org/

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