Natural Stone Cladding for Beauty and Interest

Natural stone panels are made of different materials such as sandstone, granite, marble, etc., in different thicknesses, surface treatments and formats. The thickness of the plates is at least four centimeters for hard materials (granite, quartzite), at least four centimeters for medium-hard materials (limestone, travertine), and two to six centimeters for soft materials (sandstone, tuff).

Natural stone brickwork

Depending on the material, stainless steel wire anchors attach at least 20 millimeters in front of the outer wall. The back ventilation is ensured by a lower distance between the plates and the wall, as well as by exhaust air slots or holes in the upper region of the lining.

Cleaning wall cladding natural stone

The cleaning is done only with pure water or brush. Mortar- and stone-replacing cleaning and cleaning agents as well as cleaning agents and machines which are damaged by stone surfaces may not be used. The surface can be protected by impregnation and treatment with stone hardeners, which, however, should only reduce the vapor permeability as little as possible.

Why ALLCOMB for Natural Stone Cladding?

At ALLCOMB, we are your specialist company for the consultation and processing of natural stone cladding in interior and exterior. Whether it’s a winter garden, a living room or a garden — there is no limit to the variety of the unique natural stone. Belts and quarries are made of natural stones by the expert.

We work in cooperation with well-established manufacturers and processors who are old hands at carrying out jobs related to natural stone cladding for. Our several years of experience in natural stone claddings and thousands of QMs make us one of the leading processors in China, the US and several other prominent countries of the world.

Our assembly team is at ease to come directly to your home, office or any other venue and professionally install your new cladding of natural stone. The material will be delivered to you by our home forwarding company with a forklift truck approx. 5 working days before construction site start. For about 30sqm, we need only 1mx1m space. Whether you are looking for porcelain Honeycomb Panels, Brick Honeycomb Panels or any other panels that we feature on our website — we at ALLCOMB will meet the need flawlessly at the most affordable price rates.