How to Oil Your Hair the Right Way: Tips from the House of Habibs

The popular Indian head massage is a practice inherited from generations, and many people still make a weekly ritual for oiling their hair before they wash it. Oiling can relieve stress by massaging the pressure points, strengthen its roots and prevent hair from premature graying. However, one requires knowing the ways of oiling hair the right way for getting its advantages. Habibs, a well-known hair care products’ brand offers an Herbal Hair Oil which is really good for getting healthy hair.

There is no specific way of applying hair oil. But, it is essential to know some points for having ultimate results. Here in this articles, find the essential tips on oiling the hair properly from the house of Habibs:

1. The oil must be lukewarm by lightly heating it.

2. Dip your fingers in the oil. Use your hands for making a partition of your hair and applying the oil to the scalp.

3. Don’t only pour the oil on your head. Utilise it only in sufficient amount. Utilising too much oil will make you utilise more shampoo also. Delicately massage your scalp with your fingertips.

4. Don’t rub your hair with your palms as it can break. Massaging is important as it enhances blood circulation in your hair scalp area. You must massage your hair for at least 10–15 minutes.

5. You should leave the oil on your scalp overnight. It can be washed off the next morning. But, it is always better for leaving the oil on your scalp for longer hours yet not more than 24 hours because then it will start attracting dust, and in turn, it will make your hair weak.

6. Using a hot towel for steaming hair after oiling is great as it helps hair absorb the oil properly. Just wrap a warm towel around your hair at least for 10 minutes. Ensure that the towel is not too much hot as that can damage your hair shaft.

7. You must oil your hair at least once a week; however, the process can go ahead and can be done regularly.

So, you can see that oiling scalp and hair is an important activity which involves the choice of right hair oil and the proper way of implementation. Along with taking care of hair, oiling caters some extra purposes also. It also contributes to curing migraine and headache by providing relaxation.

So, learn the appropriate process of oiling hair and the most important thing is choosing your hair oil. Habibs Herbal Hair Oil is certainly a very good product. You can keep this product in mind while searching for online personal hygienic products.