China was right to clamp down on ICOs
Emad Mostaque

ICO Ban should give space to know what people think about ICO. There was no one talking when currencies are printed and distributed without logic. Today each country in the debt for no reason and 90% of people financial problems are continuing.

There is lot of arguments, when ico’s are held and collected tokens and coins (which is also not backed by any governments)

Every one know that there is no proper legal protection in ICO when it is made for investment purpose.

After knowing every risk factor also people are participating in ICO.

So, One can understand people aspiration. Rules and Regulations most of the times guide intelligent people to manipulate the system. Today's most of business and corporate set up has not helped the common man to find proper avenue for investment. People thought that technology will free their problems.

Lot of people felt ethereum has given opportunity to fulfill their dreams through ICO. Technology has all potential power to solve human problem. Let us hope everything for good reason and hope China residents will find way to address this issue.

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