Blue Sky Ideation

Individual Idea Generation

How might we expand the space in the bathroom that is currently under utilized?

New Warm-up Game

I went with a twist on the game Ninja. I called it Pirate. Its played very similar to Ninja, which is a more developed, complex version of WAH!. Ninja is played by each person taking swings with their hands at other peoples hands and trying to knock them out. You can only make one move at a time whether it’s a move to escape or a move to attack another player. Pirate is just like Ninja but only with one arm, leg, and eye. It adds a little more challenge to the game so it goes a little faster which I think is better for an improv type game.

Session Organization

Before the session we played Pirate and the Game where you draw a shape and continue to expand on it with each person. I don’t have pictures from during either since I played too but I can say they were fun. I would say Pirate was moderately successful. I don’t know if it was good enough to be a serious improv game to use but I think it would be a good introductory game.

Above is all of the ideas up on the wall. There were not anywhere near as many ideas as I would have liked and not all of the ideas pertained to organization as much as I would have liked either. However, there were a handful of ideas that I thought really used some of the under-utilized space really well and were fairly creative. We worked on idea generation for about 20 or so minutes until the general consensus was that people were all squeezed out of ideas. There were 43 ideas. I used the 20 min mark to account for the down time with conversations and whatnot and there were 5 people. The IPM was 0.43. I had Chuechi, Ashrita, Ashley, Will, and Nick. Chuechi is a Kinesiology major who really likes volleyball and is a junior. Ashrita is a psychology major who like dancing and is a junior. Ashley is a neuroscience major who likes music and is a sophomore. Will is an Earth Science major who is a junior and likes video games. Nick is a Family Social Science major, a sophomore and likes cars.

Sorting and Voting

This is a picture of the group in the middle of the silent sorting. From left to right is Ashrita, Nick, Will, Ashley, and Chuechi.
This is after the silent sorting
This is a picture of after the sorting them into categories with arbitrary symbols and then giving them a name. Again from left to right is Automatic Functions, Storage/Holding, Bathroom Enhancements, Assisted Removal, and Impractical, Awesome Stuff.
This picture is everyone voting on their five ideas they think pertain to organization the most and their two favorite ideas overall. Like I said not all the ideas pertained to organization as much as I would have liked so I figured giving them more votes on which ideas dealt most with organization would be beneficial.

Top Ideas

(I learned how to put images next to each other in this blog)
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