Q&A: A chat with Matt Mathew Sisson, co-founder of Fort Collins Enigma Escape Room

The Inside of an Enigma Escape Room https://static1.squarespace.com/static…

Beneath Old Town, Fort Collins lies a secret puzzle room the whole family will love. The task is simple, you and a group of friends complete a mystery by solving a series of clues… and you only have an hour. Matt Sisson, co-founder of Enigma Escape Rooms in Boulder and Fort Collins shares why Enigma escape rooms are such an excellent way to bond and expand your mind.

Q: What is your goal when creating the perfect escape room?

A: Escape rooms bring a new experience to groups of friends, family, and coworkers that hasn’t really been done before. The goal is to disconnect you from your own reality, and enter one of ours. We do that by removing your cell phones and locking the door behind you as you walk in. We spend countless hours on every detail of the room from the wallpaper to the items you can pick up and explore. With those combos, you can create a suspense filled 60 minutes and become closer with the people you walked in with than before.

Q: How do you come up with the themes and mysteries of each room?

A: Our stories are sometimes locally influenced, but other times we left our imaginations take control. We’re ultimately coming up with a fictional story that we want to share with others.

Q: Why should someone visit an escape room?

A: Many people don’t realize they actually love puzzles and problem solving. Puzzles are not just riddles or crosswords in an escape room. Every element of our rooms becomes a factor, and we have a little something for every personality type that enters. I dare people to give it a go, even if they’re slightly timid towards it.

Q: How is Enigma a benefit to the Fort Collins community?

A: Since we opened, we’ve seen people from ages 8 to 90 go through our rooms, and I think that’s really special. Not many activities, especially in Old Town, can cater to that large of a demographic. Not only do our rooms challenge you and make you smarter, but provides a way to work as a team outside a work place, cell phone free and alcohol free. We do suggest a celebratory beer afterwards though!

Q: What is the fastest anyone has finished one of your rooms?

A: The team titled, the “Fire Chickens”currently hold our number one record at 27 min and 19 seconds.