I blogged every day for a month and here’s what happened — it’s not what you think.
Mateja Klaric

This is really fascinating, and I completely agree. As in love as I am with writing, creating publishable content every day of the week is just not in the cards. Writing every day? Sure! But it takes weeks and sometimes even months of letting that stuff I wrote on a random Tuesday marinate before it’s ready for primetime. Sometimes things I write weeks apart make it into the same published piece. Yes, often I sit down to write and, within a few hours, it is ready. But if I think about it, those words have been floating around in my head or journal or notes app for a long time before.

So I don’t think writing every day is the problem. Those bloggers’ hearts are in the right place. But you can’t expect to go to sleep each night having created a blog post from scratch in one day.

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