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Sad to see you go, Dan.

I was a longtime listener of On The Grid, and Read Between the Leading long before that.

Admittedly, 90-hour-workweeks, freelance projects, changing jobs, marriage and the stuff of life has gotten in the way of my podcast listening as of yet, so I haven’t tuned in over the past few months. I’ll have to go back and listen to past episodes to see why Mangold, Auer and McInerney are parting ways — for now, anyway.

It was a great podcast, and even as the episodes, from time to time, became a bit less structured — it was necessary — and as you mentioned, made the show a lot better. I loved the banter, and based on this article, it’s nice to know that the friendship wasn’t affectated.

I also went through a bunch of design-job transitions, similar to you, and hearing you talk about it made me feel a lot better on my own quest to follow my bliss. I always appreciated your honesty and transparency.

Anyway, just wanted to take a few minutes in Internetland to thank you for sharing such heartfelt details about your journey! I wish you all the very best.