In our time we must also dream

George Bernard Shaw

One is submaster of expert advice, and consultant.
Sometimes by reading and watching videos we feel lost, misplaced to the point of having the impression that our era is gone and that it is impossible for us to follow the train of progress
As an example, we look at thousands of tutorials and tens of hundreds of videos that provide tips to make videos with millions of views and create buzz.
But few people leave aside chance and the occasional contest that conjugates time, theme and opportunity that make a video resonate, without his director can doubt that he will make a stamp propelling it towards success.
What it takes is just to make the first attempt, even by attributing this first temptation is a step towards the goal
And say that you just have to do and continue to do, to realize his dream, after all life is only a dream
Here I offer some videos that have achieved scores that exceed all imagination although their content is not as good as some videos watch them

74 315 067 vues on youtube
58 684 544 vues o youtube
8 755 232 vues on youtube
23 247 259 vues on youtube can’t imagine
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