The dream becomes a nightmare

So many people dream of making buzz
To achieve a scoop to stand out
Nowadays there is quite a lot of support that are coveted to achieve it
However, many people do not give a place to prevention
To the insurance and the consequences which may result from their actions
We have included in our narrative a support for the production of videos.
But what interests us are the videos that sement the fear through the public especially at night.
Actions that amuse or over-look the young public especially qaund they are numerous.
But that inadvertently can have a disappointing impact when you know that in the pubic there are people who suffer from a chronic disease and especially the heart.
While we dream to relay our dream by a scoop that we believe easy we find ourselves involved in an action that can ruined not your dream but your life.
Then advice in your projects create a plan of hygiene and safety (P.H.S)
For your project to establish a prevention platform ensuring its success without harming human dimension
We invite you to see these videos to measure the content of the danger
And as I always said life is a dream then do not spoil it by turning it into a nightmare

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