Boot camp Struggles: Part 1

Generally, most people visualize boot camps to be series of training organised by a company; some would say “I have arrived”, because boot camps are often mistaken for “pre-job offers”. It is typical to get comments such as oh wow!, Congratulations you got a job!, all because you’ve mentioned “Mama, I made it into boot camp”.

On the side of the coin, Andela’s boot camping means, you are still on the recruitment process, but as an aspiring Andelan, you’ve got to buckle up, it’s all about Self-learning. I would say self learning is beautiful, as you have to Do It Yourself (DIY), explore researches, and inquiries; but that main goal is to know it.

On receiving a link to Andela’s curriculum to guide through studying, I realized I still have lots to learn in a mini-time. Finding myself in this situation , I now understand why people say 24 hours seems too short. Stating down my to-do-list and my target for each day (3 days to be precised), coupled with personal activities, I tried to glance through each topic.

Each day that passed had it s own package init, if you live in this part of the world (Nigeria to be precised), and you know how PHCN operates and again the expensive data plans, then you can relate to my pain. A bit relaxed, ignoring all negative energy (i.e PHCN inclusive) around, grasp my focus, I had a lot on my plate to swallow. I’m just going to list (but a few):

Programming Logic — Test Driven Development

— Object Oriented Programming — HTTP and Web Services

Who likes reading lots of materials? Not me…… I read a bit and watched lots of related videos on youtube. I got confused on some topics but one way or the other , it got sorted. Learnt to used new platform such as Trello, and more on Git — Advanced JavaScript programming played in the picture.

Who cares? === “me” // Because it is my now and my future in the scene.

As the saying goes “Life na ga-ga”- meaning life goes on!

Least I forget Day 1 of intensive Andela’s boot camp test begins today. Wish me luck! Cheerios.