That Challenging Learning Experience:

After series of academic experiences, you get that fierce urging feeling to ace that dream job, that one thing you want to do the most in your life, but most of the job adverts you see online either wants you to be experienced or more knowledgeable than you can imagine.

Finally, there comes that opportunity to ace your “dream job”, but then again, sorry to burst your bubbles, you have to work extremely hard, I mean, you need to sweat your brains out (only if it is possible). For me, finding myself in such a scenario, I see it as the stepping stone to where I want to get to, who I want to be.

I got to apply to the Andela Nigeria Fellowship Cycle XVII (FEMALE ONLY) program, and I must say, this is one of the best recruitment process I have come across. From day one of the process, you are already learning, this time its not the usual “Learning on the job” we know; rather, it is “learning on the recruitment process”- my own thought, at least. It started with answering some series of personality questions couple with studying a Home Study material provided by Andela. This means you get to learn a new programming Language ON YOUR OWN; sweat your brains out, get knowledgeable, do more research, ask experienced personnel, exchange ideas — all for that one goal (to learn that which is necessary). The Irony of it, is that you have to do this in less than 2 months, but the joy you get when you know its NOT a wasted time, whether you make it to the next phase or not; just because you have learnt something new, is the memory you get to keep.

After attending Andela’s open saturday, I made sure to study everyday, some nights had short sleeps in it. The home study included lab sessions, that access your knowledge on different topics, I became a pest to one of the Andela’s developer (Samuel James), I would constantly reach him to assist when having terrible challenges with solving my labs. I had to constantly search on forums such as stackoverflow, made use of some study online platforms like codeacademy,, etc.

Like I will always say, no experience is a waste, their process is tough, but i must say, I love the fact that it is pushing me beyond measures. The self-learning clinic was worth the experience, the fun part of it was when we were given problems and we had to jot the solution on paper, it made me feel like those kind of google/facebook developer guys (Watch the movie: “The Internship”). Though I am still on the recruitment process and still learning, focused mindset and fingers crossed; now more than ever, I want to be an Andela fellow.