Christians disagree with the religious right on refusing to serve LGBTQ people
Annabel Thompson

Christians do not discriminate by not serving gays. The problem is when gays want to force Christians to actually engage in the celebration. The bakery case was that those gays had been doing business there multiple times, but when they wanted the bakery to decorate their cake with a gay marriage theme that is where the bakery drew the line. The bakery offered any cake in the store and they could decorate it any way they wanted, but he would not engage his personal self in that celebration. There has never been a case where the business owner asked what a persons sexual orientation was just to refuse service, A catering service has never turned away gay couples to provide food to the reception, but when asked to actually serve the food the catering business had to say no because they would be engaged in the celebration, the food would still be provided. A Jewish bakery or catering business would never get involved with a KKK wedding, they would deliver the food and someone else would have to serve it. A Muslim bakery would never decorate a cake with a pig on it, and to this date there has never been a lawsuit against a Muslim business foe refusing service because of the PC involved.

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