When to Kill a Goal

How To Tell If You Should Kill a Goal

  • Be honest with yourself and dig deep down why you want this goal.
  • Ask yourself: Is this really what I want to do?
  • List down the pros and cons.
  • If a goal no longer resonates with you, don’t be scared to kill that goal.

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Hey, guys, it’s Allen.

In this video, I’m going to share with you when to kill a goal.

So, we’re a couple. We’re about two weeks into 2017, and you’re probably carrying over some of your goals that you had in 2016 into this new year.

I want you to be really honest with yourself, and really dig down on why you want that goal, why you want these goals, and don’t be scared to kill a goal if it no longer resonates with you.

So, if it no longer resonates with you when you get closer to the goal, and you say, “Hey, is this really something that I want? Do I truly want this?”, don’t be scared to kill it.

Cathryn and I, in 2016, we wanted to acquire a company by the year end. And, we actively pursued acquiring companies. And we were about to go forward with a deal, and we took a step back, and we were like, “Wait a second, is this really what we want to do? Do we really want to do this?”

And, we pretty much wrote a pros and cons list of acquiring this company. And the cons outweighed the pros side, and we decided to just kill it.

And, we didn’t want the baggage of, “Yes we could have acquired it, and we would’ve ticked it off as the goal sheet”, but, really, there was a lot of baggage along with it.

There was a lot of stuff that wasn’t as appealing as, “Oh, hey guys, we acquired this company, it’s gonna be so great, it’s going to provide more value to our customers”, and this and that.

In reality, it just created more work for us, and it was someone else’s baggage, and it didn’t work out. And, we were really honest with ourselves and we said, “Yes, could we do this and tick this big win off by the end of 2016? Absolutely.”

But in the grand scheme of things, how is that gonna play out in the long run? Is it really going to get us to where we want to go? Or are we just ticking boxes?

So, as you’re planning, and as you’re looking forward to 2017, make sure that you’re really pushing forward and acquiring the tick boxes for your goals that you want to hit, and make sure that they’re really aligned with what you want to do.

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I’m Allen. Thanks for watching!

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