Tenacious, outspoken, honest, strong — family and friends speak about Chantelle Hole

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“‘My God,’ he said, ‘there’s not one person that has a thing bad to say about her.’”

Chantelle’s mother Jennifer Shirreff said the investigator told her this while working on the case of the death of her daughter, Chantelle Hole.

Or Chantellie, to friends and family.

“She was always so easy-going,” said Chantelle’s best friend Renee Nicholson. “She told it like it was, even if it was a harsh truth to hear. So I always knew I was getting the honest, what-Chantelle-thought … Everybody always loved her … Super strong.”

Born August 22, 1991 in High Level, Shirreff said her family moved to Athabasca, around the time Chantelle started Kindergarten. She said Chantelle also attended Edwin Parr Composite School, where she completed up to Grade 10. …

As I was putting the paperback fictions on the shelves in our store, I found one with a picture of a Yad — a pointer for reading the Jewish Bible — on its cover. With 330 pages of nicely-spaced text, it looked like a book I could get through quickly.

It wasn’t until I finished that I realized I started at the end of a series.

But that’s how I’ve ended up choosing Maisie Mosco’s cheekily-titled as the second book to review from the Book Nook.

(Don’t worry, I keep the spoilers to a minimum.)

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That Maisie — putting the beginnings at the end.

is about the zesty, youthful generation of a large, Jewish-part-Catholic family. Abraham Patrick is about to become an English Lord, and he’s in love with an old friend who doesn’t feel the same. His cousins Janis, Jeremy and Bessie have their own problems. …

The first book I picked out of our new Book Nook collection was the 1974 thriller , the first novel by journalist William C. Heine.

“TERRIFYING!” states the cover.

After the first few chapters, I felt that description was apt.

But after I’d finished the last page, I was left feeling like I had been taken on a dark ride, and I didn’t know whether key moments were real gruesome figures or only shadows in my own mind.

(There aren’t too many spoilers ahead. …



Journalist. I love a good story. Practicing in english, español & français.

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