Banking on Deep Onion — Investment Opportunity

I’ve been thinking about deep onion lately and why or is it a wise choice to invest a money at deep onion? Just similar to when I deposit my money on a bank for a time deposit or trust fund.

As a member of deep onion community for quite some time now. I am becoming aware of the project. What are its plan, where it is heading to, and what kind of group or community I am at? Thus, it gives me confidence that this project is for real. I have checked their roadmap and the implementation of each one. And so far, all that are listed on the roadmap are accomplished on time. It only shows that these people “devs” are organized and serious on their commitment to implement things.

Right now, I’m already earning coins at the org by participating on airdrop, deep points, bounties and contest. Since I only have few hundred coins, I’m just receiving a small portion of the airdrop.

Now, I was just wandering. Let’s talk about figures, amount of investment that I’ll put on deep onion and what I’ll get every week. Can you imagine, that I could earn so much by just investing on deep onion since, deep onion is right now more than $1 already.

Right now, let’s say, I have 500 coins so my airdrop by Friday is only 35 coins which is 7% of my total coins. That will mean $140 a month. Not bad, by just being active on the community and holding deep onion coin.

Now, this next situation will be real money making. What if I have 5,000 deep onion coins. That will be 350 dollars(at current rate of deep onion at $1) by just holding my coin for 24 hours. A total of 1,400 a month.

Can you imagine, if I have 10,000 coins. By investing that amount of coin, it will produce me 700 dollars a week. That is $2,800.

Now, what if deep onion price surge to $5 per coin?

These are the scenarios that kept playing on my mind.

Since, I know that Deepsend has not yet been release as additional feature of deep onion. And also, knowing how these organization operates. I might as well do more investment on this coin.

Deep Onion :


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