An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

MAYBE not bite the hand that feeds you??? How about you go get a job even if it’s McDonalds (sure you can get some food) for awhile, save up some $. Try a cheaper apartment…… a different place. Maybe a roommate? Quit with the koombaya everyone help me crap………

Your millenial stupidity amazes me. WHY should you start further up the chain? start at the bottom and work your way up…….. gain raises as you do. always keep looking for a better job.

YOU CHOSE to get that shiny credit card and put $$ on it. It’s YOUR problem not anyone elses!!

GROW UP, quit whining , pull your big girl panties on and get 2 or 3 jobs if need be. i’m 60 years old and i’ve had to redo my life a couple of times now. Learn………..

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