Does the moral universe arc?
David Weinberger

I think the decision to entertain whether or not “the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice” is an intellectual dodge, an act that denies the culpability of human beings when they act immorally.

Let me try to explain, from a very personal position and my personal observation of other people and their moral dodges that allow them to commit some truly heinous acts against other human beings.

I am a black female born in s state that is more southern in its emotional identity than it’s actual location on a map, that buckeye state named Ohio. My family, on my father’s side, way back when deiced to engage in miscegenation. The reality of said unions could be observed at the annual family reunions where the black family members would convene on side of the river and the white family members would convene on the opposite side of the same river.

I managed not to grow-up thinking that people from other countries or simply people with different skin tones than I were somehow less human. I find it difficult to swallow the emotional dodge that some are able to do when they justify the mistreatment of any human being, whether black, white brown or yellow. I am marginally educated, have traveled a bit, lived a life where I have raised children, lost one long before his time, remain in love the man I married almost fifty years ago, have endured covert racism most of my life and yet, oddly, I believe, no, I know that all human beings are the same and deserve respect and the right to a decent life without fear of violence or death!

Just how hard is that? Apparently, being able to just simply look at another human being that loves, hates, bleeds and has inherent needs is very, very hard for mankind. I have heard pundits and far too many academics explain this uniquely human phenomenon as tribalism and then go about their day, as if finding ways to explain what continues to separate mankind from a common mission to ensure that every person lives freely and well is sufficient.

Clearly, I am not a scientist or a minister (a man or woman of God from any religion) and frankly, although I consume copious amounts of historical and literary books, I can tell you that the key to our very survival lies in history. History clearly repeats itself and has little to do with the agonizing arc of morality making amends for wrongs committed.

We, all of us stand on the precipice of destruction, this very day. War rages in what appears to be distant lands and yet we are unable to perceive how vulnerable we are to those within our realm that hold deep-seated hatreds and have no problem with trying to annihilate those they perceive as “the other”.

Largely unreported in the MSM is the increasing antipathy between the United States and Russia. We may not have the chance to even surmise if the possibility of an “arc of morality” effects a future reality for mankind.

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