Why don’t I give a …. about those who criticize me

I have seen a lot of people who criticize me or others, this note is dedicated to them all.

I used to get hurt all the time when people use to talk bad about me or my actions and then I realized that may be their feedback will be correct and started to improvise myself based on the other people’s observation and then I gave my life’s control to these people,which devastated my life in many ways and then I recognized on how to accept criticism and from which people.

Remember that there will be at least one person who will criticize you no matter how good you do.

and then on I decided that I am going to listen to those people who helped me in someways, not that I am selfish but these are the people who cared and helped me when I needed it and hence I should care about their feelings towards me or my work.

Any other who comes to me with feedback,I sit down and hear them and then I think is it helpful to me to grow or else he is just advising me based on his/her past experiences,cause life is to be lived your way.When somebody forces his/her views I back down and say it to myself,Is this person’s criticism views going to help me pay next months bills,If yes I improve else the hell with their views. this way I can separate the wheat from the chaff.

To all those people who criticize please see that you don’t over do it,somebody out there is trying out something,help them come out of their situation ,don’t sit back and be spectator help them and see people grow,cause together we can!!

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