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Now if you can get rid of the sex scopes..

New features are welcome always! But can Periscope/Twitter work on getting rid of the rapidly growing number of people and teens who are putting SEX scopes up all day and into the night now?? At any time of the day just about we are now seeing the, “Follow me for a private show!” titles more and more. Adults and an alarming growing number of under-18 year olds are doing “things” for people live on cam. We have the ability to report the scope (good feature) but a surprising number of reports seem to go unanswered as these same people will be on later or the next day doing it again (?). Some are now even putting Paypal accounts on asking for money to “do things on cam for you”… um, isn’t this “prostitution”?? Great app and it’s fun, but it’s not pornhub. Guys, seriously, you need 24/7 monitors on there looking for this stuff and banning people who are doing it.