Has ‘User’ Become An Outdated Term?
Steve McCarthy

You have described sub-user types:
- User::Reader
- User::Player
- User::Viewer
- User::Proxy
- User::Passive

Couldn’t we use a hyphenated prefix or suffix to more accurately describe the ‘user’?
- reader-user | user-reader
- player-user | user-player
- viewer-user | user-viewer
- proxy-user | user-proxy
- passive-user | user-passive

This would also fit with the current “UX” trend by applying the hyphenated prefix to “UX”:
- reader-UX “Reader User Experience”
- player-UX “Player User Experience”
- viewer-UX “Viewer User Experience”
- proxy-UX “Proxy User Experience”
- passive-UX “Passive User Experience”

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