Adopted in Mississippi in 1967?

Biloxi Gulfport, Mississippi Adoption 1967
11–10–1967, 11–11–1967, or 11–12–1967
November 10, 1967, November 11, 1967, November 12, 1967
Gulfport or Biloxi
Birth mother: Patricia — Registered Nurse Air Force Born in New York
Birth father: Michael — Dentist Air Force Born in Wisconsin
Doctor: William A. Tisdale
Birth mother lived in Biloxi
Private attorney adoption unknown name
Possible birth date 11–11–1967, possible birth location in Gulfport ? Mississippi, possibly a male as she was not told the sex of her child but overheard the doctor refer to the baby as “He.” . Birth mother first name is Patricia, birth father’s name Michael. Patricia and Michael were not married but had been in a long time relationship. Michael and Patricia were both in the Air force and she was a registered nurse and he was a dentist.
The reason the birth mother cannot remember the exact date and location as this was a very stressful time and she could be off a day or two and she thinks the doctor’s name was Truesdale.
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