Here’s Wiki-Proof that the Clinton Machine Was Behind the Flood of New Democratic Presidential Hopefuls (Update — Elizabeth Warren’s Daughter and Her Connection to Health Insurance and Working Families Party)

Allen Kit Howell
Aug 13 · 12 min read

In the above video, quoting an article by Robbie Jaeger, Niko House and Sofia Zalvidar explain how prominent talent agency executive Michal Kives, former agent and executive of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), is connected to the Clinton Machine and has been a leader in the effort to groom Democratic presidential candidates to run against Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential election cycle. Apparently, talent agencies are a thing when it comes to the current political scene. United Talent Agency is a similar company, also with connections to Kives and the Clinton Machine. Clients make use of the agencies’ services to blend pop culture, entertainment, and politics to help them form their own unique brand.

Kives previously worked for both Clintons. He used his Hollywood connections as a tool to raise money for Hillary Clinton in both 2008 and 2016 — ever wonder why so many prominent Hollywood actors endorsed Hillary? Their talent agency honchos probably told them to!

At Kives’ wedding in November, 2018, the Hollywood reporter’s headline read:

In attendance were Bill and Hillary Clinton (worth $190 million & $46 million), Elon Musk (worth $22 billion), Google CEO Eric Schmidt (estimated wealth $11.1 billion), Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan (net worth $750 million), and FaceBook COO Sheryl Sandberg (net worth $1.6 billion). Cory Booker also attended. Kamala Harris was invited but had to cancel — Kives personally gave $5,000 to her campaign.

CAA donated almost $479,000 to candidates and PACs in 2018, including to Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Beto O’Rourke; all who received donations of $11,000 or higher. CAA represents all of Joe Biden’s interests as well.

Who else is on the client list of CAA? Glad you asked — Anderson Cooper, Alyssa Milano, Anna Navarro, Bette Midler, Bill Maher, Twitter cofounder Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone, Bob Schieffer, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Martha Raddatz, Katy Tur, Jim Sciutto, Jemele Hill, David Farenthold, Stephanie Ruhle, Elizabeth Vargas, Gayle King, Ian Bremmer, Frank Luntz, Colin Jost, David Kushner, Chris Cuomo, Connie Chung, Lenard McKelvey — known professionally as Charlamagne Tha God (who recently has been smearing Tulsi Gabbard), Howard “Dan” Pfeiffer, former Senior Advisor to President Obama, Donna Brazile, Jimmy Fallon, Joe Biden (previously mentioned), Valerie Jarrett, Mark Cuban, Rob Reiner, Seth MacFarlane, Stephen Colbert, Susan Rice, Van Jones, James Corden, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Update! Spike Lee is a client of CAA.

Tim Black, on TBTV, in the August 18 episode, was trying to come to grips with how Spike Lee could suddenly switch from Bernie Sanders to Kamala Harris. After all the movies he has made about the oppression and suffering of black people (see some clips on Tim’s show), after the wonderful television commercial Spike made for Bernie, after all this, how could he endorse someone who makes a mockery out of the central tenet of so many of his films? You don’t need a tinfoil hat to figure this one out.

Tim: “I’m not trying to call Spike Lee a sellout, but . . .” It’s o.k., Tim. Connect the dots. Make the charge. You are not wrong about Spike Lee. And guess what I just figured out about Jessica Alba, the next fundraising host for Kamala Harris? Yep, she’s on the list, too.

Some people have been indoctrinated to doubt the existence of such things, but make no mistake, this is a cabal. These are the people who rule us and call the shots. And in the United States, this cabal determines the oligarchic structure that we currently endure.

Do you need further proof?

In this leaked email, Michael Kives and Darnell Strom told Tulsi Gabbard that they would not raise money for her because of their disappointment in her “poor judgment” (because she left the DNC to endorse Bernie). This email was written just as the primaries were beginning in 2016 and makes it clear that Hillary had already been chosen by the cabal (or maybe she chose them):

Hillary Clinton will be our party’s nominee and you standing on ceremony to support the sinking Bernie Sanders ship is disrespectful to Hillary Clinton.”

Standing on ceremony? Is that like a purity test? Only four states had held their primaries and caucuses by this time and the contest was close. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden had declined to run in this election cycle (hmmm . . .) and Martin O’Malley had already dropped out. Bernie Sanders was seemingly the only candidate who had not received the memo to drop out early out of respect to her majesty.

Another interesting aspect of this leaked email is the information that can be gleaned from the header:

Disappointed — Hammer Dropped!

Darnell Strom wrote the original and included Kives in the Cc line. Kives then forwarded the message to her majesty and to Podesta with the additional “Hammed dropped!” I assume this means that he and Strom were bragging that they had dropped the hammer on Gabbard’s career and assumed that she would never rise again because of their omnipotent ability to ruin anyone the cabal deemed deserving of such treatment.

What’s going on this time around? Apparently, the wealthy club — you ain’t in it — that decides these things has a different plan than last time: to stack the field with as many “talents” as possible and hope for a contested convention where the Superdelegates can choose a Hollywood/Wall Street-approved candidate. In that event, even if said candidate loses to Donald Trump, the “existential threat” of a Bernie Sanders presidency is avoided.

From the article that sparked Niko and Sofia to create their video:

“Look at the names on that list. It’s a “who’s who” of mass media, and it’s but a fraction of the clientele these two companies represent. The influence these agencies and their executives hold is beyond the realm of imagination. One can only ponder the possibilities of the power of possessing access to a network of such size and scope. It’s information control, the power to seamlessly transfer ideas from one side of the societal spectrum to the other under the guise of genuine public response or outrage. What has happened to Tulsi Gabbard since she did the right thing and endorsed Bernie Sanders is a cautionary tale for those who dare to thumb their nose at the status quo and upset the establishment apple cart. It won’t stop with her. The machine will keep going. Watch how fast the media reacts to the Democratic party’s chosen few — Biden, Warren, Harris, Booker — whenever outside negativity starts to throw cold water on their records. The spin will come hard and fast, just like it did in 2016. Just like it always has.”

Here is a more comprehensive (and eye-popping) list from Wikipedia.

Another powerful insight from the original article:

CAA represents thousands of clients across the entire mass media spectrum. From A-List movie stars and news anchors, to sports heroes and big tech CEOs. By putting so many influential and socially exalted figures under one umbrella, it provides a pathway for ideas to inorganically seep into the cultural lexicon, ideas that can be instantly promoted by your favorite politician and your favorite NBA player simultaneously without the typical observer knowing they got that idea from the same person. It is the largest such agency of its kind in the world, though there are others like them, namely United Talent Agency, or UTA. UTA is another firm much like CAA with the same function and goals, and years after he authored that email, Darnell Strom would leave CAA to head up the newly launched “Culture and Leadership Division” there. His role is described as working with clients who “want to expand their diverse businesses and cultural influence at the intersection of entertainment, politics, the arts, and thought leadership” enabling clients to “connect and create big, bold, brave ideas…across all mediums.”

Here is another piece of the puzzle that I discovered in my own YouTube wanderings based on information from some of Niko House’s videos. How do the Young Turks factor in? Check out this video to connect more dots and to discover their connection to the Clinton Machine:

The Clinton machine is massive and far flung. And money oils all of the cogs and gears. Cenk and company definitely would rather you avoid the above video but it helps us all to understand much better how Cenk could hold so many disparate opinions at the same time. He dances to many tunes simultaneously.

And more dots . . . guess who is on the client list of UTA? Again, I’m so glad you asked — Ana Kasparian, Ben Shapiro, Cenk Uygur, Chuck Todd, Dana Bash, Clint Watts, Dan Abrams, Don Lemon, Gloria Borger, George Takei, Preet Bharara, Poppy Harlow, Michael Moore, Malcolm Turnbull, Matt Gutman, Jeffrey Toobin, Harold Ford Jr., John Kasich, Jim Acosta, Dan Harris, Jake Tapper, Ben Haggerty — known by his stage name Macklemore, Rod Jay Rosenstein, Seth Meyers, Sir Howard Stringer, Symone Sanders, and Valerie Biden Owens.

Here are more comprehensive lists of “talent” from UTA if you have the time and inclination:

UTA Speakers Roster UTA Music Roster UTA Comedy UTA esports UTA Digital

In going through these lists I was able to find some Bernie supporters: Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s), Danny Glover, and Harry Belafonte. I include this information so that readers will not immediately jump to the conclusion that everyone with a Hollywood agency is connected at the hip to agency executives. I still wish, though, that these Sanders supporters were a few more steps removed from people like Kives and Strom.

To paint with perhaps too broad a brush, this is how I see it. Anyone who is a threat to the establishment and its “talented” cronies will be attacked — relentlessly. When you notice a new attacker, pay attention to these “talent” agency lists of clients and come to your own conclusions. When you see a new endorsement, particularly if it seems incongruous, again, check the talent agency lists and the big money names behind and/or connected to those agencies. Admittedly, I have been connecting the dots according to how all of these related facts impact my own cynical outlook and information base. If you have a different interpretation or additional information, please join any discussion that ensues in the comments section below.


Bernie or Bust Show Update!

UPDATE (September 29, 2019)

CORRUPTION UPDATE: * After Elizabeth Warren endorsed Working Families Party candidates and after Warren’s daughter’s organization, Demos, donated $45,000 to WFP for the first time ever, Working Families Party early-endorsed Warren. (No quid pro quo here. Nothing to see. Just move along.) Warren’s campaign treasurer is Paul Egerman, billionaire bundler of Dark Money, devotee of David Brock, who built one of the largest SuperPac/Dark money networks in Washington, DC. He’s a “financial advisor to the healthcare industry” and is known as the “Personal PAC man.” Surprise! He’s also the treasurer of the Working Families Party Board and treasurer of Demos~~

~ No wonder Warren has been meeting with HRC, Queen of Corruption, no wonder she’s made such a point of “being a capitalist not a democratic socialist,” no wonder she’s backing away from Medicare for All, no wonder she’s made it clear that she’ll take corporate money in a general election. It all makes sense now. She’s being pushed by MSM and the DNC and WFP now BECAUSE they KNOW she is corruptible — Scratch that. ALREADY corrupted.”

Now meet “personal PAC man” Paul Egerman, Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign treasurer:

Since 1995, Egerman and his wife, Joanne, have given more than $8.4 million to various Democratic candidates and PACs, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of Center for Responsive Politics data.

Of that, Egerman has contributed $1.7 million to the pro-Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, which is also affiliated with a “dark money” group — raising political cash that can’t be traced to its original source. In 2012, he gave $56,000 to Rethink PAC, a super PAC that helped Warren in her successful campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass.

Egerman also serves as a conduit between Democrats and big-dollar political donors.

For example, he’s the board treasurer for Democracy Alliance, a network of wealthy Democratic donors that helps support liberal causes and has counted liberal megadonors such as George Soros, Donald Sussman and Tom Steyer among its members. He’s also been an advisory council member to J Street, a political nonprofit and PAC that seeks to promote American leadership in creating a two-state resolution between Palestine and Israel.

Egerman in 2014 also hosted an ultra-exclusive Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser at his Massachusetts home. President Barack Obama attended. The entry price per person: $32,400, according to The Boston Globe.

Elizabeth Warren’s only daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is co-founder and president of Business Talent Group, a business management consultancy based in Los Angeles. Tyagi’s bio notes that she is the chairman of Demos, a progressive think tank. She also is a co-founder of Health Allies, a health benefits firm (now owned by United Health Group). Demos recently made a donation of $45,000 to Working Families Party in New York. Working Families Party recently endorsed Elizabeth Warren — that is to say that the Party Leaders endorsed Elizabeth. The rank and file probably chose Bernie Sanders.

  • The Working Families Party received three different donations from Demos before it announced its decision to endorse Elizabeth Warren last week
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren’s daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi is chairwoman of Demos
  • In 2018 Demos gave $45,000 to WFP, but had never previously given to the progressive party in the past
  • WFP received backlash after it chose to endorse Warren over Bernie Sanders, whom they supported in the 2016 presidential elections

Connecting the Dots

Again, connecting the dots: it is not a stretch to say that the Clinton Machine, Hollywood Talent Agencies, the “thought leaders” they represent (Dr. Phil, who is represented by UTA, gave Elizabeth her first big break), Centrist think tanks such as Third Way and Center for American Progress, and the DNC are working behind the scenes to kill single payer Medicare for All. Elizabeth Warren has become the lynchpin of this strategy. Progressive Democrats and Independents who still think that Sanders and Warren are two slightly different Progressive flavors are being used as pawns in this game. We all need to make sure that the truth about what is going on under the surface gets out past the media blockade.

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