Fun Timeline Creation

21,000 years ago painting, pottery, rope, bows, arrows

15,000 years ago humans domesticate dogs + ice sheets melted enough to reveal the land bridge between Asia and North America (Bering Strait)

12,000 years ago first developments of farming + food storage techniques

9,000 years ago final collapse of North American ice sheet rises global sea levels by 2–4 meters. Britain gets cut off from mainland Europe

7,000 years ago copper and gold metal working + invention of wheel

6,000 years ago horse domestication + mummification

4,500 years ago Great Pyramids and Stonehenge built

4,000 years ago alphabetic writing in Egypt

2,500 years ago Buddha, Confucius, first olympics, paper invented

500 years ago printing press, Columbus, European Renaissance

400 years ago Shakespeare, Newton

250 years ago steam engines, US independence, manifest destiny pushing Native American genocide and displacement

150 years ago telegraphs, industrial revolution, genocide and slavery of Africans

100 years ago airplanes, world wars, women allowed to vote in US

50 years ago nuclear energy and weapons, beginning of internet, fossil fuel co2 emissions rapidly increase

30 years ago beginning of cell phones

15 years ago Northwest Passage opens as viable route for shipping thanks to global warming, September 11

1 year ago personal computing and internet becoming ubiquitous, information technology and globalization driving the standard of living (healthcare, education, water, food) which is increasing worldwide, women in Saudi Arabia allowed to vote

Today: Beginning of autonomous vehicles, gene editing, reusable space rockets, transition to alternative energy

15 years in future: Ubiquity in autonomous vehicles, gene editing and alternative energy. Beginning of neural prosthetics increasing intelligence. Biodegradable polymers mandated for all packaging. Bi-yearly space travel to Mars. Information technology and globalization connect everyone in the world. Labor force drastically changes due to automation.

special thanks to xkcd