The Meaning of 24

I turn 24 today. That means I have lived 8,760 days. If I live until I’m 80, I have 20,440 days left until I die. I love being aware of my biological clock because it helps remind me how much time I have left to make great impact on the world.

Mammoth Lakes, CA | October 2016

In celebration of my 24th birthday, I have reflected on the 24 most meaningful lessons I have learned so far in my life…

The List

  1. Invest in your mind
  2. Surround yourself with people you look up to
  3. Take risks, you’ll never get what you don’t ask for
  4. Help others, mentor people, make people feel important
  5. Enjoy the little things
  6. Let nature dwarf your ego
  7. Listen more than you speak
  8. Create, don’t just consume
  9. Prioritize making the world a better place
  10. Meditation is transcendental
  11. Empathize, perspective take, growth mindset
  12. Enjoy the process
  13. You are in control of your happiness
  14. Books are human’s best friend
  15. Confidence is sexy
  16. Be weird, eccentricity shatters people’s comfortability
  17. Integrity over everything
  18. Be a good student to life
  19. Grow food, cook food, clean the house
  20. Lucid dream
  21. Pursue entrepreneurship
  22. Constant gratitude
  23. Healthy skepticism
  24. Consciousness is beautiful

…and I reflected further after receiving an interesting question from a friend.

The Story

At what point did you decide to do all the things you’ve done and what’s drove you to reach the point you’re at now?
– Peter F.
Great question Peter! What I can tell you is that it was not just one point, but it has been a mindset that I have been developing thanks to my own desire for personal growth as well as the environment around me full of people smarter than me. It has led me to be as motivated and passionate as I am about chasing my dreams to make the world a better place.
A growth mindset is huge, constantly being driven by people’s feedback and critique to become better. Not getting all sad or whiny and resisting change. Next is having a deep visceral sense for empathy with people — knowing how to shatter through surface-level conversations and dig deep into what people are passionate about and their families and the people they love in their life. Showing true genuine interest in them and listening to them by not waiting for your turn to talk, but asking follow-up questions about what they say is a huge part of communications and business development. Next is knowing when windows of opportunity present themselves and constantly be willing to seize those opportunities. Be willing to fail and fall on your face because most of the time it will not go the way you want it to go but eventually you get so good at seizing opportunity that it goes your way more often than it doesn’t and you start seizing every window of opportunity like it’s natural.
Your mind is very similar to your body regarding what you feed it will impact your health, longevity and intellect. The healthier foods you feed your body, the healthier you will be. The healthier knowledge you feed your brain, the smarter you will be. This is why the best investment one can make in themselves is to learn. Learn from smart people, learn from books, learn from intellectual YouTube channels like StarTalk & In A Nutshell, then teach what you learn to other people. Practice teaching what you learn because playing with the information in new modalities further ossifies those neural connections. Being a polymath will help as a communicator because all energy and existence is intertwined and if you know a lot about a lot of different things, you can talk to just about anyone about anything.
Lastly, the only true meaning and happiness in life comes from giving. There’s no better feeling in the world than helping people. Whether it be as a mentor teaching others or opening a door for somebody, feeding somebody, empathizing with somebody, stopping somebody from hurting themselves or motivating somebody to achieve their dreams, giving is the ultimate meaning.
Love you brother 👍🏾💚😎