Hillary Clinton, The Alt-Right, And Me
Ella Dawson

Alt-Right Has More Democrats Than Republicans

After spending a few months following Alt Right forums, here’s a few shocking facts I have found and what Hillary continues to get wrong even after the Reno speech.

Everyone appreciates Hillary for being a champion for feminism and women’s rights, while the audience gasped at the Breitbart headline ‘Would you rather your daughter have — Feminism or Cancer’, it’s hard to think all of the potential 100M voters would share the same gusto.

Hillary Clinton is running to lead a country which has people of all viewpoints who might not always want to share the radical views that her faithful might have. This fact alone has really put off a lot of center leaning left let alone independent voters.

Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States, NOT the Feminist movement.

Contrary to belief Alt Right is NOT a few white supremacists in Mississippi. Disturbingly there are followers of all races from every part of the world. If one looks a tad deeper there is a chance to find a LOT of Democrats who simply wouldn’t want stand behind Hillary.

Why would someone politically left of Hillary join arms with the far-right?

It has a lot to do with disgruntled supporters who may have faced flak in the DNC, are simply tired of Hillary’s corruption, who are feeling disenfranchised. I’ve seen a lot of people from Scandinavia testifying the fact that more migrants leads to less safer conditions for women and gays, which is a really hard frame to counter and has got immense attention on alt right forums. It is a disturbing trend and it’s the same reason why many places in the EU new parties are emerging combining progressive views to radical right. The Five Star Party (progressive + right leaning views), Italy — had Virginia Raggi win the mayoral elections in Rome. If people continue to be naive on the who the Alt Right is, they are fuelling the problem and continue to let it grow.

The Ant-Establishment Five Star Movement stays Socially Progressive and Right-wing on Immigration

From what I’ve seen, new entrants are getting a pseudo voice with the right. I know it sounds crazy but that’s what it has become. The sad fact is the more the attention they get, the more young voters they lure in.

Breitbart and Alt Right Twitter have seen a huge spike after the speech. That’s why most experts even the NYTimes agree even it was wrong move to give them mainstream attention.

Honestly, what did she wish to achieve with that speech? The people who disagree with the alt right probably already vote for her, it’s not like after the speech they are going to vote twice?!