How machines can understand the world around us

A dog is a dog. That sounds like a stupid thing to say, but what is a dog? Sure you can probably instantly recognize a dog in an image if you saw one, but how did you get to that conclusion? If you break down the question, what really makes…

My rundown of Elevate 2019

Going to a conference when you’re 16 isn’t something you would typically do. Usually I’d be in school sitting bored at my desk. School can teach you a lot of important things, but there’s one crucial thing about how the system works:

School teaches you to be excellent at being…

If you’ve ever tried playing a multiplayer game without any person to play with, you probably ended up playing against the computer. And for most games the computer is pretty impressive, doing things a human would normally do and maybe making some mistakes based on the difficulty. …

Allen Uy

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