Do black lives REALLY matter?

I believe in judging a person by the “content of their character, not by the color of their skin.” I couldn’t care less if you are black, white, lavender or a frigging green Martian. If you are a good person who is nice to me and others, you’re OK in my book.

I have become exhausted from the rhetoric coming out of the left wing main stream media, Black Lives Matter and their pundits. Why? Because (as a white man) I am tired of being blamed for something I didn’t do. I didn’t enslave anyone, nor would I. Why? Because it’s wrong. I’m tired of the race card being played all the time. It takes away from the real racism that does in fact exist. I’m tired of (some) black people not taking responsibility for their own actions, (especially against each other), and I’m tired of (some) black people thinking I have “white privilege” because I don’t. Anything I got out of life I earned, whether it be the good job I have or the debt I owe.

Some of these jokers actually think I should give my money to them for reparations! To financially pay the black community for their ancestors suffering. Are you kidding me? Here’s a little history lesson for ya. There is not one black person alive today that was a slave nor a white man who owned one. It has been over 150 years since the slaves were freed by way of the Emancipation Proclamation, authored by Abraham Lincoln, a white man. Slavery was a key point of contention during the Civil War (1861–65) that was fought mostly by white men. Hundreds and thousands of (mostly) white men fought to free the slaves. Less than 20% of the U.S. population in the 1860’s owned at least 1 slave, fewer than 5% owned more than one. You needed a lot of money to own slaves as it was considered a luxury. The misconception some have that every white man owned a slave is preposterous. If anyone deserves reparations it’s the Jews as they lost six million by way of Hitler during the Holocaust before and during WW2. I have yet to see the Jewish community ask Germany for reparations and there actually are some survivors of the Holocaust still alive today.

There are issues of racism in America today, definitely. Yes, there are bad cops who treat blacks unfairly, but it’s not as predominant as the media and black “leaders” would have you believe, but when that is all you focus on, it may appear that the PO PO has an agenda. The facts are clear that black on black violence is overwhelmingly more common place than a few knucklehead white cops who want to mess with the black man. And let’s be clear, no cop wakes up in the morning and decides he’s going to kill a black guy today. That’s nonsense.

To gain some perspective on this delicate issue I decided to talk to some black friends of mine and I was not disappointed. I already had an idea of some of the B.S. the average black person goes through, but some of the things I learned actually made me mad for them and feel shame for the white people they encounter. For example, a (black) friend told me from time to time he will encounter a cop who will actually mess with him when he gets pulled over. He gets a little more scrutinized than he thinks he should, as HE is a cop himself. Even when he shows his credentials sometimes the cop doesn’t change his tone, but he states it doesn’t happen often. Another friend of mine told me about a woman who came up to his wife and touched her hair, like she’s some sideshow exhibit. They get followed around the store sometimes because the salesman thought they might steal something. And my favorite….a Black Nurse (RN) and white assistant walk in to a nursing home and the receptionist assumes the white lady is the RN. I would be livid if I spent all this time in school to be a registered nurse, and because I’m black, some ignorant white lady assumes I’m not smart enough to get the certification. These are examples of people who need to be punched in the throat. It is not a predominant thing.

Look, I get it, loud and clear. I understand the resentment and where it comes from within the black community. However, it’s not fair to blame or assume all white people are like this because they are not. Just like it’s not fair to assume a black guy is a thug or they’re going to rob you. These examples may be racially motivated but most times they come from ignorance and stupidity, stereotyping and prejudice, but it’s not always racism.

A RACIST is one who believes their race is the dominant, more superior one. The term “racism” is used far too often and has become completely watered down. It actually hurts the meaning of the word when it’s used so often. It takes away from those who are genuinely suffering the effects of true 100% RACISM. I might add that Racists come in ALL colors, not just white. I’ve heard some black people say they can’t be racist because they’re black. Seriously? It’s not a disease only white people can get. YES, white racists do exist, but they are a small group who, when something happens that is perceived as racist (real or not), all hell breaks loose.

I’d like to clear up some propaganda the black “leaders” like to mull over. Why do the police go after blacks more? The truth is they don’t. However, when the police station is located in the middle of a predominantly black neighborhood, obviously mostly black people will be dealing with the police. I might add that police don’t typically go after ANYONE unless they are up to no good or have a warrant. Also, here’s a little secret-behind the scenes scoop. No cop, racists or not, likes paperwork! When you arrest someone, shoot them or deal with the public in most situations, it creates paperwork.

Let’s get this straight. Blacks ARE NOT getting killed more by the police. Just last year twice as many whites were killed by the police than blacks. The fact is that blacks kill each other more, way more than the police do. I’m still waiting for the protests and outrage for little black girl in Detroit who was just sitting next to the window and hit by a stray bullet meant for a gang-banger and the (black) store owner in Chicago who was robbed and killed by a gang-banger. There’s only outrage and protests when a white cop shoots a black guy, even when it’s justified. Why?

We have come a long way since the Civil Rights movement. The KKK is not lynching black people. There are no burning crosses, separate water fountains or designated bus seating and it’s not illegal for a black man to look at a white girl. What is happening is these puppet masters in the shadows are manipulating the black community into believing that there is this white boogie man out there trying to keep the black man down. These “puppet masters” are looking to undo all that MLK has done and has created chaos instead. Stop the madness! There are issues, yes, but killing cops and rioting is not helping things. Hate and division is not the way. BLM is not the modern day Rosa Parks. Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson are in no way the great Martin Luther King Jr.

Yes, Black Lives Do Matter, ALL OF THEM! Not just the ones that were gunned down “for no reason” by a white cop, but the ones who kill each other for no reason. The lives of the black children matter too when they get shot as they play in the park. Yes, black lives do matter, and so does mine and everyone else’s, regardless of color. We all look the same inside and all bleed the same red blood. We are all one race…the human race.

1- Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963



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