The Meaning of Life

I’ve been thinking a lot, and I think I’ve found the Meaning of Life.

This is a bold statement to make, and I confess that my belief in what I will now claim may change over time. But I’d like to put this down on digital paper so that I and others can look back upon it and flesh it out or tear it down. Here we go!

The Meaning of Life is in fact to give up your life to something. To give yourself to something that is bigger than yourself — it could be a significant other, family, a company, a sport, a hobby, nothing at all, an idea, a religion, academia, anything. But to be able to enmesh oneself into the pursuit of something beyond oneself is the ultimate way humans find fulfillment.

In my observation, happy and unhappy people have one underlying common difference, and that is their ability to immerse themselves in whatever it is their “thing” is. There’s a common, somewhat derogatory term — drinking kool-aid — that I believe, ironically, is exactly what people need to find meaning in our lives. We should embrace the kool-aid in everything we do. We should drink packet after packet of it until we are wholly committed to something, anything. And at that point, we will find satisfaction and fulfillment.

But the fulfillment can be fleeting. It’s possible that the “thing” we commit our whole selves to doesn’t reciprocate. Or we realize that “thing” was not worth the sacrifice of our sense of self. At that point, we feel despair; and for some, it is a brief flash before we search again for our next kool-aid flavor. Others are not so lucky.

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