Food Sensitivities/Allergies, Basic Naturopathic Overview

Food Sensitivities/Allergies

Today I want to talk to you about difference is that a food allergy is when our body tells us for sure that were allergic to it so these are very excited train ery anaphylactic the most common foods that people are allergic to you in such a way would be peanuts were a were usually nap pippen is necessary in order to decrease the reaction because it is so emergent what a food sensitivity is just something that naturopathic doctor shine with and that a low lying under the radar food reaction that’s happening to something that everybody should be reacting to you so for instance lets say you have a lot of gas and bloating whenever you eat foods with gluten or dairy for instance a lot of the time number one we`re not smiling are fit in or not interacting with their streets like we use to you or not receiving those signals for our saliva starts going the saliva will then start getting our stomach acid churning and that will help to break down the food to that we joan have such overwhelmingly large molecule to break down form here on in the intestines which can cause a lot of gas and bloating and digestive upset so what these food reactions are actually doing it because you’re missing a lot of she elements that are required in order to to facilitate healthy digestion its causing our bodies to react to some elements in our foods like gluten and dairy that we shouldn’t be so when like to use my patients first and foremost is to make sure that their stomach acid adequate and we can do that using them interact or direct test I am but the other common thing we can do is see if those reactions are actually causing inflammation in the system and we do that using a food sensitivity test you can get home that through a blood draw or what I do in my practice just a few drops of blood from you finger we send that away and three to four weeks we get to see I did ninety six different potential food sensitivities which ones your body is reacting to the most now when we look at these reactions were looking at it on a scale from 0 to 6 if the reactivity is a bit is 0 to 1 generally that’s okay and I wont cause patient or make the patient removed through their diet but if we are looking at a three or four and what’s happening is the body is able to maintain a good immune response to these food but its best if we start putting them on a rotation diet rotation diet means that you get to consume those foods every four days and what that does is it just helps to decrease any overwhelm felt by the immune system if the reactions are happening in the five and six levels you definitely have to remove those foods for at least three to six months and the reason why is because they are causing such inflammation In the digestive tract that until we remove them completely from the diet and really start facilitating the healing process we are never gonna get anywhere with it and you’re just not going to get optimal health as fast as you’d like to you so these test can be found in Allergy Testing Centre, of course I’d live to have you come into mine I practice in Chennai and oak phone I would certainly love to see you and talk a little bit more about how these food sensitivity test can benefit you and your digestive health have a happy and healthy day.