Fair Trade Jewellery — The Six Concepts Behind Ethical Jewellery

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Aug 8 · 3 min read

Who does not like beautiful jewellery? It could be a gemstone ring or perhaps an affordable beaded necklace, jewellery of all is definitely fashionable. Just take into account that in America over $2bn is allocated to jewellery for A Birthday alone!

There is however an increasing number of consumers who wish to realize that the jewellery they are putting on has not led to ecological damage or exploitation of artisans in developing countries. This is exactly what it’s now known as fair trade or ethical jewellery.

Let us face the facts: producing jewellery all over the world too frequently involves dangerous exploitation of both natural and human sources. Just witness the dangerous results of gold mining in countries like Peru, where cyanide can be used to extract the gold, resulting in untold ecological destruction. Based on the Catholic worldwide aid agency CAFOD, some open-pit gold mines have wreaked such destruction around the landscape that many are even visible from space.

And let us remember the sweatshop conditions of fast fashion jewellery manufacturing in a lot of parts around the globe, where under-compensated workers toil away under exploitative conditions.

Now a brand new generation of ethical jewellery brands is altering all of this. But are they all ‘fair’? Listed here are the seven concepts underlying the brand new generation of fair trade jewellery brands:

1) The provenance of materials is hugely important. For gold and silver, ethical jewellery brands are embracing cooperatively-run mines which avoid highly damaging mining practices. For diamonds, there is the 2003 Kimberley Process, which manages and certifies the worldwide exchange diamonds to clamp lower around the exchange ‘conflict diamonds’. For many other materials, fair trade jewellery designers are sourcing sustainable materials like recycled glass and sustainably-sourced seeds or wood offcuts to make use of within their jewellery.

2) Fair production prices: ethical jewellers pay fair wages corresponding to the neighbourhood living costs within the producer country. A lot of companies choose to utilize producers in developing countries to be able to help create work with skilled but marginalised producers. The end result is that the purchases literally help to produce a better global buying and selling system.

3) Purchasing local neighbourhoods: fair trade jewellery brands purchase their producers. This may include helping secure better workplace plans, adding towards training and capacity building, to assisting to finance community projects like building schools or supplying childcare facilities.

4) Direct relations with producers, which eliminate unnecessary or exploitative intermediaries. What this means is producers get the direct benefits produced from supplying a broader marketplace, empowering these to re-purchase the work they do, lives and communities.

5) Transparency: ethically-minded customers are curious about where their purchases originate from and who means they are. Fairtrade jewellery brands are open regarding their production values, simply because they do not have anything to cover. What this means is they open themselves to accreditation and certification bodies, who are able to audit the things they tell you they are doing.

6) Jewellery adds value. No-a person’s denigrating the need for fair trade commodity products, but you will find limits to just how much producers really make from selling primary farming goods like espresso beans. A bean is just worth a lot, while finished ethical jewellery may bring added-value to producers.

Obviously, it will help that fair trade jewellery design is becoming a lot more attentive to the latest fashions, to ensure that clients are buying products because they are desirable, and not simply because they are connected with a decent cause. This concentrate on design and fashion can help the moral jewellery sector to keep growing later on. Who stated style and ethics could not go hands in hands?

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