Art in Mexico

Before continuing my trip in Colombia, let’s spend a couple of weeks in Mexico.

You may think about Hayao Miyazaki and Tim Burton more than once.

For example, in the streets.

You’ll see. For now,

the colourful entrance to the Anthropology museum.

The sun and the moon

are so very opposed.

They also thought about

blind folks.

Death, always,

like a clock.

Gods, always,

watching you or watching over you.

Boobs, always,

watching… wait… what?

Anyhow, the sun

is still watching over you.

In the meantime, in Tasco, town famous for its silver,

Jesus is watching over you.

Then let’s head to the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, the greatest of Latin America,

and they’re big. Not exactly art, but pretty cool. I mean, warm and humid.

Frida is everywhere, watching hard.

Interestingly, her eyebrows are not mentioned.

Moving on, to the Templo Mayor!

made of 7 layers.

From its museum,

awesome view on the cathedral.

Of course, with Frida Kahlo, you’ve got Diego Rivera, who worked hard on huge wall paintings, here and there in Mexico City.

Like here, in the Palacio National.
Look at this rightful priest….

You shouldn’t go to this inclined church. Just being there makes you feel funny…

It feels so weird.

Quick move to the Museum of the city of Mexico.

before you can go nuts in the museum of popular arts!!!

Where colours and Pokemons await you.
Where big masks look at you.
Where… What the heck?
Well, we got it, they like masks.

Anyhow, just go there. Plus, it’s free for students, even the international ones.

You can go to the Island of Dolls, in Xochiminco. However, tourist! beware. There are scams and fake islands. Probably locals, eager to cash in on the money. Still, the one we were lead to, despite a fake one, was enjoyable. In a creepy way.

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