Cafe La Presentación

Besides the graffitis and the music, art and style is part of the city. This little cafe is perfect to write or study, is next to an art gallery, has soft music, WiFi, plants in the middle… And good coffee of course!

Here is a taste of this little spot in the old city:

Menu in Cafe La Presentación
This Vietnamese coffee had an interesting dense bottom: sweetened condensed milk.
Art in Cafe La Presentación
Love the moving fan in the art studio
Local art and bike
‘Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it’ Dali, November 23rd 2017
‘Que lo que el cafe une… la amargura no lo serre’ = ‘That what coffee unites … bitterness I will not’ according to GoogTrad… November 24th 2017
A flower
Cafe La Presentación
Horsoid waiting for you in Cafe La Presentación. I guess the chains refer to the origins, but what with the long face?!?
A Kyoto brew, drop after drop, two hours after installation

And there are even expositions. Here is one: Equilibrium in time of crisis.

Equilibrio en tiempos de crisis
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