We are pleased to share that Jeffrey De Flavio, MD has joined the AlleyCorp team as an Entrepreneur in Residence to build companies with us and to advise our team and portfolio. We have founded two companies together over the past year and are very excited to deepen our collaboration in the coming months.

In his work with AlleyCorp, Jeff will support the growth of our healthcare practice as a co-founder and mentor for AlleyCorp’s founding CEOs and broader network. He will also continue to serve, as he has long done, as an advocate for many underserved causes and communities…

Dear AlleyCorp Community,

We, like most others, have felt a deepening sense of dislocation and crisis over the past quarter. This is of course driven in large part by our current healthcare predicament, but the implications go far deeper into our civic, economic, and social fabric. Just as importantly, we are also finally seeing the beginnings of necessary and very overdue systemic shifts in our industry and far beyond. The work here is only just beginning.

However difficult this time may be, we are seizing the opportunity to harness our ever-evolving perspectives as a force for positive change. We started…

Originally Published in Crain’s | June 2020

We have a choice in New York. The past few weeks and months have shed even greater light on the drastic shortcomings and inequities in our civic, economic, and social infrastructure. From our new vantage point, we now have the opportunity to choose between rebuilding our city and state using the same complex patchwork of municipal and social processes that have existed for decades, or to reinvent it by building more collective accountability, embracing and inviting technology and a new class of entrepreneurs to build a future together.

We have seen monumental innovation in New York’s private technology sector over…

April 2020

To our community,

We enter Q2 during a particularly difficult time. Not only are we grappling with a humanitarian and healthcare predicament of massive and unprecedented scale, but also we as an entrepreneurial community are coming to terms with rapidly evolving economic ramifications that will directly and drastically affect our work and that of businesses we support.

As we at AlleyCorp think through this quarter and those to come, we wanted to be in touch with our community of entrepreneurs, investors, and operators to first say hello, we hope you are safe and well, and that you won’t hesitate to…

March 2020

On Friday, AlleyCorp joined the meetup family as majority investor, and I joined the Board as Chairman. Meetup will fully divest from WeWork and operate independently after 2.5 years as a subsidiary, and we are confident this acquisition will propel Meetup to more rapidly explore and innovate new ways of bringing people together.

From an investment perspective, I believe this is a rare opportunity to facilitate human connection at impressive scale, and that worldwide demand for building communities will only grow. Meetup is in an incredibly good position to facilitate that growth: the platform has an extensive user base and…


We found and fund transformative companies in New York and beyond, partnering with determined early stage entrepreneurs who know the future is just beginning.

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