Houston Innovation District, Deal Me In

The beautiful Downtown Houston skyline

In November, I wrote about a struggle with the Houston tech entrepreneurship environment. The tech community is growing and thriving with eager entrepreneurs and charitable venture capitalists. But, there is always room for improvement. The City of Houston plans to support an innovation district in the near future. Yesterday, Houston Community College announced a partnership with Apple to offer courses as part of a new iOS Coding and Design School. Classes begin in June.

As a person with experience working in startup communities in several cities, I am enthusiastic about the future growth opportunities that lie ahead. The developing district plans, due by the end of the year, will diversify the job openings in our City. Compared to Chicago, we lag behind. However, as Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner stated, “It is now time for us to be more competitive, to further diversify and expand our economy. What Chicago can do, Houston can do better.”

Agreed. (No offense intended.)

It is time for the fourth largest City in the United States to further a stake in modernization and technology. We’ve created change before. As a proud Houstonian, I cannot wait and I want to be a part of it. I’d like to riff off a favorite quote of mind: If playing the enthusiastic entrepreneur card helps advance my City, then, deal me in.