The Incredible, Edible Water Bottle

Source: Skipping Rocks Lab

It’s important to keep hydrated and drink at least eight glasses of water per day — even on the go. Forgot your water bottle? A more convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic water bottle is coming to market soon. Enter the Ooho, an entirely edible jelly sphere which contains one serving of water and fits In the palm of your hand.

Source: Skipping Rocks Lab

Three London-based design students at Skipping Rocks Lab developed the Ooho to address the number of disposable bottles in the United Kingdom (UK) landfills. In the UK, approximately 16 millions plastic bottles are trashed daily. The intention is to lessen the number of plastic waste by creating a drinkable alternative that in the end…is edible. Skeptical? The Ooho packaging is jelly in consistency; the consistently is that of the tiny tapioca balls common in boba tea. Much like a tapioca ball, the Ooho is made from food ingredients. You can eat it instead of throwing it away. However, the package is compostable if you pass on eating your beverage. The Ooho can be added on top of a home compost pile and will decompose within weeks.

Skipping Rocks Lab foresees Ooho to be most advantageous at large-scale events and coffee shops. It is logical because large events yield lots of packaging waste. For example, the Ooho designers intend to target music festivals, marathons. Currently, Skipping Rocks Lab is coordinating a crowdfunding campaign to bring Ooho to market. I’ll look out for an Ooho at my next music fests. It’s water I can eat.