Different Pool Fencing Options

Aluminium, glass and timber are the most common materials used for making swimming pool fences in gold coast Australia and all over the world. Based on the style, budget and security offered, different people prefer different materials.

Timber Pool Fencing: Timber pool fences are versatile. They come with prefabricated panels that can be customized as per one’s needs. They can be painted or stained and adjusted according to the current colour scheme of your space. The advantage about these fences is that they can be re-painted. One can change the look and feel of their space quickly and easily if they have timber fences. Various paints and stain options are now available in the market, thus, finding the colour you like is easy.

Aluminium Pool Fencing: Aluminium fence panels are most commonly used option for surrounding pools as well as homes. Aluminium fences work well with traditional as well as modern home designs. These are not just a great option for pool fencing, but also a good option for front and backyard as well.

Pool fences made of aluminium are stylish, low on maintenance, easy to install and affordable too. Aluminium fencing comes in a wide range of style, sizes and colours. Just like timber panels, even these panels can be modified to fit one’s needs. These panels can also be re-painted. However, one might need help of professionals in order to print powder coated panels.

Glass Pool Fencing: Glass pool fencing is a transparent yet durable fencing option. This kind of fencing is usually used for getting a sophisticated and premier look in luxury homes.

If you’re not short on budget, then glass fencing is a great option. This option is much more expensive compared to the aluminium and timber fencing. Unlike timber and aluminium fencing, installing glass fencing by yourself can be difficult.

Installation of pool fence: Installing a pool fence isn’t difficult and can be done by yourself if you wish to save some money. However, make sure you seek help of a friend if you decide to install it yourself. While the job can be done yourself, it is recommended that you get the installation done by professionals. It is also important that you contact your local council and find out about the regulations in your area. Installing the fencing gold coast without following local regulations may result in a huge fine. Thus, ensure that you are aware of the local regulations and follow them.

Maintenance of pool fence: Maintaining the pool fence is essential to prolong the life of your fence. While timber and aluminium fences need very minimal maintenance, glass fences must be cleaned regularly. If you’ve installed a glass fence, then ensure that you clean it regularly as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. This will not only protect the coatings on the glass, but will also ensure that algae does not grow on your panels. If you live in a coastal area, then ensure that wash your aluminium and timber fences regularly. Cleaning them every few weeks will help in removing any kind of salt build up and will also prevent corrosion of parts of your fence.

Now that you’re aware of different fencing options for your pool, choose the pool fencing gold coast that fits your preferences.

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