How do I interact with Social Media?

I am an avid social media user, and always have been. So when I was told I had to track my social media usage for the week I was actually excited. I love to Snapchat my day or Tweet my feelings, and now that I have to take notice how I interact with it, I will see how addicted or obsessed I really am.

I noticed that as soon as we were told about this assignment, I had my phone in my hand. I am constantly checking my phone and my social media accounts throughout the day, even in class. As soon as I noticed this, I put my phone down and told myself not to check my phone till class is done. I caught myself grabbing for my phone and checking it, and had to keep putting it down. Am I this obsessed?

After class when I was driving home, I also caught myself checking my phone at every stop light. Every chance I got I would go on my phone and look at my twitter or my Snapchat, even if it was just for 30 seconds. Something about sitting and not being on social media made me restless, and that bothered me.

Something I noticed was every morning when I woke up I would reach for my phone and the first social media I would check was Snapchat. I love Snapchat because unlike other social medias, most of the stuff on the app is directed specifically towards you from your close friends, that’s why I think I always go to it first.

I also noticed that I would check the Daily Mail every morning. It has become my favorite news source and I look at it every morning. I love pop culture and celebrity news, and that’s what the the Daily Mail is filled with.

This weekend I actually traveled to New York City to visit some old friends and I was super excited to take note of some of my interactions with social media while I was on vacation.

When I was at the airport I rarely put my phone down at all. Something about being around a large group of people, makes me want my phone out just in case I get in an awkward situation. I pretty much drained my battery and had to find a charging station to charge my phone.

I had the option to purchase WiFi on my flight and I chose not too.

One reason I chose not too purchase the WiFi was because it was expensive and I could save that money and use it for dinner or something. And the other reason I chose not to purchase the WiFi was because of this assignment. I wanted to see how I would survive with 2 hours on a plane with no access to Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

The plane is about to take off, I turn my phone on airplane mode, and I get ready to be secluded in the sky without my social media. I was nervous, but I was also kind of excited to see how I would do.

The first 20 minutes I caught myself trying to load my social media and then debating if I should buy the WiFi. Then I put some music on, put my seat back, and looked out the window for the rest of flight. I fell asleep and woke up in NYC and the first thing I did when I landed was turn my phone back on check all my social media’s, even before texting my parents that I have landed safely.

I was busy all weekend with my friends. We went out to restaurants, museums, and clubs. I noticed that I wasn't checking my phone as much as I usually do. That made me very happy. I posted on my Snapchat a lot, but when I was done posting I put my phone in my pocket and enjoyed the time with my friends in my favorite city.

When I took a media class at my old college in NYC, we had an assignment where we had to go for a walk without our phones and right a journal entry about how we felt about it, and it opened my eyes that there is so much beauty in this world and we miss a lot of it because we are always looking at our phones. This assignment did the same thing for me.

I knew I was obsessed with social media and my phone, and this assignment just confirmed that even more. This assignment opened my eyes in a good way to stay present on social media, and share what I’m doing with my friends and family, but don’t be excessive about it.

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