How to watch the Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy

Why did I make this video? Because like many Star Wars fans, I’m sick and tired of only having access to the Special Editions of my favorite film series. The only thing these “Special Editions” are good for, is door stoppers or frisbees.

It’s been a decade and some since we’ve even had a proper release of the original films. Frankly, I made this video to bring attention to the problem. Most of us don’t have a VHS player anymore (No the Xbox One isn’t a VHS player). The only way to get a truely digital copy of the trilogy would be to illegally torrent the files or scan the VHS using some expensive equipment.

Disney, Lucasfilm… you need to listen to the fans. We’ve been saying it for years, and you haven’t listened one ounce.

Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere. We need to get our baby back. Tweet the hashtag #bringstarwarsback.
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