We have an exciting update for you —

We have decided to move beyond this chapter of Stick so that we can embark on our next one.

Our mission has always been to help you tell better visual stories through presentations.

This incredible journey has been the result of work from hundreds of people without whom we could have never gotten here. To say I am grateful is an understatement.

Stay in touch.

While Stick’s mailing list and newsletter won’t continue in its current form, we’re still fighting to bring our vision to life, which means we want to hear from you! If you have any feedback or ideas for presentations in general, or Google Slides specifically, please reach out. …

Introducing a faster and more effective way to convert customers

Meet Stick 2.0, a modern presentation tool to help you build and deliver content that works.

Over the past few years, our team has worked with over 1000+ B2B sales and marketing professionals to try to crack the “PowerPoint problem.”

We’ve conducted thousands of customer interviews, built multiple products, and failed dozens of times so we could learn what to build (we’ve come a long way since then 😂). Stick 2.0 is the result of those learnings.

Our customers — and COVID-19 — have shown us that work is changing. The “future of work” is already here, and it’s faster…

When it comes to sales presentations, most sales leaders guess at what’s working. How could they know? Everyone in the organization is working from a different sales presentation. Some reps aren’t even using one at all. And when the PDF is actually sent off to a prospect? Who knows what happens.

No wonder many sales professionals “don’t believe in sales presentations.”

Meanwhile, marketers tweak the top of the funnel to perfection. They have the tools to optimize ads. They A/B test landing pages until they hit peak performance. They get as many leads as possible to the door. …

Introducing Strike — a little tool to help you prototype your presentations

Building a deck is daunting.

When you finally get going, you end up piling on slide after slide. But the more you add, the more the storyline gets lost.

After spending hours, you have to start over, confused as to what you were trying to say in the first place. 😖

We know. We’ve been there.

But… 🤔 What if we could do it differently?

We prototype our products. So why can’t we prototype our presentations?

Thanks to Henrik Kniberg for the illustration

That’s why we’ve built Strike — a little prototype to help you “strike up” your sales story. 🔥

No more spinning. No more 👀…

While consumer companies obsess over their brand, too many B2B companies don’t give it the attention it deserves.

But with more products than ever on the market, your brand matters. It’s how you break through the noise to even get the chance to talk about your product. Without it, you get lost in the noise.

That’s why we built the B2B Brand Personality Quiz to help you identify a visual style that helps you deliver a clear, consistent message to your customers. Give it a spin!

Note: A bit more on the methodology, inspired by a Stanford course I…

What makes PowerPoint content so difficult to create?

Click to add title.

At Stick, we’ve been testing this concept and have found that blank slides often lead to blank minds. And blank minds lead to bland content.

What if, instead, we started the presentations with conversations? Good content starts with good questions.

That’s why we’ve built the B2B Sales Story Starter. Because having a conversation is easier than staring at a blank page.

Whether you have an existing Sales Deck to improve, or need to build a new one, give it a try here, and let us know how it…

Understanding the most powerful tool in your negotiation toolkit

Yesterday Emergence Capital brought together nearly 50 Female Founders for a Negotiation workshop led by the Pareto Group.

Going into it, I thought the content would be review. After all, I should already know a fair share about it by now after taking multiple Negotiation classes in my MBA program, reading books about it (Never Split the Difference being my favorite), and of course doing it (in some form or another) daily.

But when Todd Camp asked the group, “What is Negotiation?”

I couldn’t find the words. I mumbled something unintelligible about “fairness” and “joint problem solving.”

To change your communication game, reframe your approach

Any time you’re delivering a presentation or communicating in a meeting, you’re dealing with 2 or 3 different types of communicators. At least.

A quick glance at Myers Briggs Personality Types alone is dizzying, because the complexity and possibilities are overwhelming:


It’s hard to please everyone, we think. So what do we do? We default to our own preferences and our own styles. Author-first.

Here’s the problem: when we default to the author’s style, we lose an opportunity to connect with the audience. How can we be surprised when our messages fall flat?

There’s a better way.

Looking to Neuroscience

We can start…

Introducing a research-backed scorecard to understand how your Deck stacks up

Decks are everywhere. B2B Sales, Fundraising Pitches, All Hands Meetings, Consulting Proposals, and everywhere in between. Today, there are decks for just about everything.

But they aren’t all good.

So, what makes a good deck?

In our research behind Stick.ai, we’ve looked at hundreds of decks, analyzing what works and what doesn’t. To quantify these success factors, we’ve built a scorecard to help you get the answer to the question we’ve heard again and again:

“How does my Deck stack up?”

Here’s how it works

We look at success factors across three categories: Content, Story, and Design. …

Sharing sales and startup lessons from comedy

A year ago, we loaded all of our belongings into a 15-foot U-Haul, miraculously parallel parked on Church Street in San Francisco. We were moving to Los Angeles.

From those first moments on the 10, it was clear that LA wasn’t going to be anything like SF. Up there, billboards offered pithy product promises. “Ask your Developer.”

Down here, “War for Planet of the Apes” and “The Emoji Movie” lined the freeways. While I never thought I’d miss the 101, now I did.

But one Saturday night, after eye-rolling the entertainment industry over dinner again, I ended up at at…

Alli McKee

CEO and Founder, Stick.ai - Illustrating Ideas in real time with NLP + ML. Painting and Improv on the side. TEDx Stanford.

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