Links to Museum Blogs

For anyone who is interested in what we’ll be sharing with students in our Intro to Museum Studies class this fall, here are a list of museum blogs we would recommend:

Center for the Future of Museums at AAM.
- IMLS UpNext. 
Art Museum Teaching ( from a consortium of art educators 
- The Empathetic Museum ( looks at museums’ core values 
- The Incluseum ( advances discussion of inclusive museum practice 
- Museum Techmuse ( — from Brad Larson, a Boston-based developer of museum technology. 
- Museums Now ( — from the folks at Gyroscope, an exhibition development firm with experience in science and children’s museums. 
- The Uncatalogued Museum ( — museum management from Linda Norris, who generally works with smaller museums but has a long relationship with the museums of Ukraine. 
- Bloun Art Info. ( an aggregator of a number of art blogs 
- Museum 2.0 ( — one of the most active and influential museum bloggers 
- Museum Notes ( — Jeanne Vergeront is an experienced museum planner with a strong background in children’s museums. 
- Thinking About Exhibits ( — “thoughts on museums, content, design, and why they matter” from exhibit developer Ed Rodley. 
- The Museum of the Future ( — Jasper Visser’s take on museum innovation, from a global perspective. 
- Jumper ( — Diane Ragsdale comes from a theater background and writes about the economic impact of arts and how they can be more vibrant parts of community. 
- Real Clear Arts ( — Judith Dobrzynski is a New York journalist who writes about the art world in general, not just museums. 
- Culture Grrl ( — Lee Rosebaum also writes from the New York point of view and has a reputation for outspokenness about museum operations.
- Illicit Cultural Property ( by law professor Derek Fincham, looks at international issues of cultural property as well as deaccessioning and other ethical issues. 
- Exhibit Tricks ( — Paul Orselli, an inventive museum exhibit designer and developer, writes about what’s new in exhibits.
- Hyperallergic ( is a fun forum about the place of art in our world. 
- National Museum of American History ( — one of the history museums that uses social media most actively. 
- Artful Manager ( — Andrew Taylor, one of the Arts Journal bloggers, on “the business of arts and culture.”
- CODE|WORDS ( — Various authors, all engaged in museums + tech/media. 
- A Series of Epistolary Romances ( — Follow-up to CODE|WORDS; “letters” back and forth among authors discussing topics in museums 
- Shelley Bernstein on Medium ( — Shelley is the former Vice Director of Digital Engagement & Technology at the Brooklyn Museum and the current Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives and Chief Experience Officer at the Barnes Collection. 
- Fistful of Cinctans ( — Mark Carnall’s personal blog on natural history museums and zoology. Mark is the Collections Manager of Life Collections at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. 
- More Than a Dodo ( — The blog for the Oxford Museum of Natural History. 
- Once in a Whale ( — Now defunct but a great blog that captured the process of the Oxford Museum of Natural History’s whale skeleton conservation process. 
- Musings from the University of Toronto ( — Collaborative student/faculty blog from the Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto 
- Brown Girls Museum Blog ( — Focuses on inclusion of minority populations in museum practices 
- Know Your Own Bone ( — Resources for engagement in museums run by Colleen Dilenschneider.

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