AlliMeta on the Rise: Token Listing Confirmed

3 min readJun 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Coinsbit, one of the leading global centralized exchanges, has extended an invitation to AlliMeta for the listing of our token, ALIT on 7/4. This partnership signifies a significant milestone for AlliMeta and the community, as we embark on a journey of global expansion. We are honored to have been chosen by Coinsbit, which further validates our vision and positions AlliMeta for significant growth and success.

Why Coinsbit?

Among the numerous proposals received from various exchanges, Coinsbit stood out as the clear choice for the first listing ALIT. Coinsbit is renowned for its established presence as a global exchange, catering to a vast user base from different corners of the world. Their dedication to providing a secure and transparent trading environment aligns perfectly with AlliMeta’s mission to deliver reliable and trustworthy services to our community.

When is the listing?

ALIT will be listed on Coinsbit on 7/4. Further listing detail will be updated by Coinsbit.

Benefits of the Partnership:

1. Expanded Global Reach: Coinsbit’s broad user base ensures that ALIT will gain exposure to a wider range of traders and potential investors globally. This listing opens the doors to a new audience who can benefit from and contribute to the AlliMeta ecosystem.

2. Enhanced Liquidity: Coinsbit’s high trade volume translates to increased liquidity for ALIT, allowing for smoother and more efficient trading. This improved liquidity will foster a healthy market for ALIT.

3. Credibility and Trust: Coinsbit’s reputation as a reliable and secure exchange instills confidence among users and investors. By associating with Coinsbit, AlliMeta gain an added layer of credibility, promoting trust and confidence in the project and its future prospects.

4. Ecosystem Development: The partnership with Coinsbit is not limited to mere listing; it also opens avenues for potential collaborations and joint initiatives. We look forward to exploring opportunities to integrate AlliMeta’s innovative technology and solutions within Coinsbit’s ecosystem, fostering mutual growth and development.

What comes next?

Trade Competition!

We are also pleased to announce that Coinsbit will also be hosting a Trading Competition exclusively for ALIT traders. This competition aims to reward our dedicated community members and attract new participants to experience the benefits of trading ALIT.

We believe that such initiatives not only add excitement to the listing process but also encourage active participation and contribute to the overall growth of the ALIT ecosystem.

Airdrop Festival!

We will be hosting an Airdrop Festival, where participants have the opportunity to receive free tokens as a gesture of appreciation. This event aims to reward the community for their support and encourage wider participation in the AlliMeta ecosystem.

Something we’ve been preparing:

Stay tuned for further updates about listing and events! Join us and embark on this thrilling new chapter for AlliMeta.

Learn more about AlliMeta:

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