Conclusion: If you want to decrease income inequality, run a strong economy. :-)
Income Inequality and GDP
Kady M.

Here is a thought ..

If you have to increase the money supply as much as the Fed and Treasury have had to and the money velocity index is continuing to trend down (it’s at an all time low of 1.43 in Q1 of 2017) you know we have a money shortage among consumers.

Even raising MV to just 1.7 would increase real economic activity by 25–30% without the need for more currency creation. 1.7 is very conservative, historically. This measure is also quite useful to monitoring a bubble economy as well but we need to study more metrics tied to MV to ascertain what part of the economy is and is not spending.

The tough part is that it will take concentrated policies for many years to correct this situation and sadly most of the power to make these changes happens via Congress. The Congress we have right now has ZERO interest in doing any of the things required. I predict that we will continue to trend down till we have a genuine depression, short of some policies to correct this.

My money is not in US dollars at the moment. I am just looking for safe storage, not high returns at the moment.