That’s a problem in general about health care statistics.
Kady M.

I am not suggesting anything. Actually I remember that administrative costs are around 52% of total US health care costs. As for care giver wages I do not know where we place. While many doctors do indeed pull down very hefty salaries, every one of them had to suffer through internships to get to that point, and that is dirt cheap pay with crazy long hours, all while they are servicing clients. I have always found that to be near criminal IMO. Thankfully other employment opportunities are not so hard to break into. When you add in the controls on the numbers of new doctors, enforced by the AMA, it’s a tough gig.

Anyway, you have to trust some kind of data and while you might not prefer it, these world health organizations are our best source. I am going to try an embed here of an infographic. The US is the blue line thru all theses measures ..

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Well, so much for the embed. Here’s a link ..

While the source is different from previous links they use the same most recent data points because, I presume that is the latest available data.