We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

Joe, a lot of what you are writing about here is quite important but to change the industry of health care pretty much requires a top down approach or else there is no way to incentivize the changes needed. One of my main beefs in the discussion of health care, especially the cost control aspect, which sorely needs addressed BTW, is that I see no key players positioned to drive change. Can you give me some general insight as to what type of entity has enough control to reign in costs?

I can see where the insurance industry could have that kind of control, but they have used the control they have, not to lower costs for the industry, but only for themselves. As all separate entities they of course work in their own self interest and the basic structure of the insurance industry itself ensures that they will not work in any unified way under the current system.

IMO, in order for insurance companies to add value to the process of health insurance there needs to be a singular agency. IMO, if the insurance industry does not fulfill a role that controls runaway health care costs AND covers the gambit of the population they will invalidate themselves in the chain of the health care process.

What say you?

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