This is one of the key arguments for a single payer system, that there needs to be a single agency…
Joe Flower

One more thing Joe .. isn’t it the private sector that got us here to this point? If you agree with that how can you make the leap that they are the ones to control costs? While I admit that insurance companies DO control costs for their own benefit I think you would agree that they do precious little, even as a collective, to control costs. Their action are primarily, these days are about shifting cost back to the consumer with incredible co-pay requirements on policies, designed to reduce the amount of care the client even considers searching out.

Again, if you have some concrete examples of the insurance cabal stepping up to the plate and being responsible about this I would love to know about them.

Whatever entity is going to do this, they must also allow for new procedures and welcome new research and techniques without being directly affected by only the direct cost aspect of care.

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