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Sadly that approach, which I would like to have seen some of, would not have recapitalized the banks which had stuck themselves with “assets” that were not. No matter how good the reasoning it’s always the rich and powerful that benefit. Our Corporate States of America.

I am concerned about our deficit mainly because we depend quite a bit on foreign debt holders. In WW2 almost all debt was domestic. Now if there is any brush up we are at risk of losing our ability not only to borrow more but also having foreign powers being able to influence our monetary policy.

IMO, trickle down taxation has ruined us. We are too used to something for nothing and the richest are always finding new ways to keep from paying taxes. I am not a deficit hawk, as much as it sounds like I am but I am frustrated that we hold ourselves back under the guise of affordability until it comes to tax cuts for the upper classes.

Universal health care? Public paid tuition for qualifying students, publicly financed campaigns .. they are all too expensive. Meanwhile I pay more in taxes than Trump and General Electric COMBINED.

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